5 Questions for the Bandwagon

Jody from the bandwagon has been sucked into the 5 questions meme not once, but twice! (insert evil laugh here). Go here for her answers to me, and here for her answers to Beulah Mae from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

  1. You have 5 minutes with George W Bush: what do you ask him?
  2. What  is your favorite book, and why?
  3. What is the wildest thing you have ever  done (at least that you will share)?
  4. How would you spend the perfect  day?
  5. Can you describe the Theory of Relativity as it relates to Neutron  stars?

And that completes the meme for me. I’d like to thank all those who played, Jody, Beulah Mae, Pooklehufr, and Tom. Still waiting for Patty Jo’s answers, though. Where you be, Patty Jo? I blame JulieB for this. Someone call AL Gore’s Jr Internet(s) Rangers.

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6 Responses to “5 Questions for the Bandwagon”

  1. jody says:

    Seriously, are you going to answer number 5 for me or am I going to have to google it?

  2. It depends on ones frame of reference. the gravitational effects will cause a time dialation similar to what happens with a Black Hole.

  3. JulieB says:

    Don’t listen to him …. he got it out of his latest sci-fi book…. 🙂

  4. JulieB says:

    Ha ha ha – just caught the Junior Rangers bit… nice, really nice, Teach!

  5. Mostly from sci fi, yup. A book called “Chindi” by Jack McDevitt, which is sort of factually based. I did research it a bit more for the comment I left on Jody’s site.

  6. Patty-Jo says:

    Oh my gosh! Did you ask me some questions? I’ve been so busy playing with my grandson and laughing with my son, I didn’t even notice!

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