Scarborough Drops the Anchor on Eason

Last night, Joe Scarborough weighed in on Eason Jordan, and his irresponsible comments. I watched this last night, was waiting for the transcript, but, looks like Captain Ed beat me, and probably everyone else, to the punch.


There is a cancer growing at CNN, and it’s time it got cut out. It’s time for the real deal.

night I told you about the noteworthy news coverage of Christiane
Amanpour and Anderson Cooper while reporting on the Iraqi elections
last month. Some around here may consider CNN a competitor, but I
believe all news outlets should be teammates in pursuit of the truth.
That’s why I praise media outlets when events warrant, or tell you how
they betray consumer’s interests when their bias becomes apparent.

We learned this week that one of CNN’s most
powerful news executives told a group of world leaders overseas  that
American soldiers had targeted reporters for assassination.

That’s right.

of the top news executives in America spent his time before some of the
most influential people on the planet telling them that American men
and women deliberately targeted journalists for assassination.

Congressman Barney Frank told Michelle Malkin that after Jordan made
the statements, he was so troubled that he tried to get specific
examples from Jordan. But Jordan refused to provide an ounce of proof to support his outrageous charge.

Thats right: not one shred of proof. The MSM’s have tried to ignore this story, but now it is getting out there. Will CNN do the right thing? Probably not, since CNN "turned a blind eye" regarding Saddam’s tyranny so they could continue to have access, as Joe mentions.

But last year’s charges, like those leveled this year, were not backed up by a single fact by Mr. Jordan.

one fact is not in dispute: this CNN leader has defamed the honor and
integrity of our brave men and women in uniform by reckless charges
presented in the most cowardly way: behind closed doors in conferences
packed by international elites.

If Jordan
thinks U.S. troops are little more than hired assassins focused on
killing journalists, it is time for him to name names. Otherwise his
continued attacks constitute slander.  I know troops in harms way in
Iraq. I have heard their inspiring stories when cameras were turned off
and their babies were sleeping in their laps. They believe are
exporting liberty — not assassination squads.

Joe says it straight: "Eason Jordan should be fired." Will CNN comment?

You can let them know how you feel here. This page is for giving them a story idea.

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2 Responses to “Scarborough Drops the Anchor on Eason”

  1. Patty-Jo says:

    Do you think CNN may end up in the same place as CBS?

  2. Steve Lee Parsons says:

    Jordan is a traitor who gives aid and comfort to the enemies of America. Spreading lies about our troops in Iraq is an echo of another person who, 34 years ago, testified under oath that American troops in Vietnam committed atrocities. No proof, no reliable witnesses, etc. Sound familiar? This so-called journalist condoned the coverup of Saddam Hussein’s atrocities, for years, to solicit favors from the Saddam regime and contributed to the death and torture of innocent Iraqi’s. Fire the creep !

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