Bush, Live in Raleigh

President Bush will be present for a townhall meeting in Raleigh today at the BTI Center, discussing Social Security and probably other issues. For those who get it, it is on WRAL-5 out of Raleigh. You can also got WRAL’s homepage, and supposedly see it streaming. As a side bar, you did not want to be driving around in west Raleigh today. Yowza!

From CNN, via the AP:

Bush also was visiting Raleigh, North Carolina, where he was
highlighting how Social Security could be a winning political issue.
The president was appearing with Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-North Carolina,
who embraced private investment accounts in her 2002 campaign.

Dole’s Democratic opponent, Erskine Bowles, criticized her proposal
during the campaign, she simply held up a blank sheet of paper to
represent his plan. He had nothing, she charged.

And today, like all the days since the 2005 SOTU, are no different from that campaign. A blank sheet of paper. Except for the standard old screw tax the rich.

Off today, so I’ll see if I can live blog some of the meeting. W is just showing up as I finish this post.

Update: W is mentioning many issues, asking Congress to work with him on health care, energy concerns, education, taxes, medicare, and other issues, more of a bullet point style. Coming to the meat of the meeting now, Social Security, "the third rail of politics."

More: "Candidates are rewarded, not punished, for taking on tough issues." 

No more attempts at live blogging. When I think about what to write, I’m not listening. Maybe more at the end. The speech is more of an expansion of the SOTU. One important thing, before I sign off, is W mentioning that SS reform is for our grandchildren, not necessarily us.

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4 Responses to “Bush, Live in Raleigh”

  1. anonymoses says:

    How dreadfully exciting for North Carolina to have a big powerful Texas Oilman come to visit!
    Is he planning on killing even more people? How dreadfully exciting! Simply dreadful!

  2. Ogre says:

    And why is it that you’re not AT the speech in person, wearing your pirate costume?

  3. anonymoses says:

    Er, um…it’s in the cleaners!

  4. Na, the suit was clean. It was me that was having issues. Day off an all. I thought about going, then decided I would rather avoid the traffic, and hear it on tv. Was great. Bush worked that crowd like the maestro he is.

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