Terror Lawyer Found Guilty

Most folks out there are aware of the conviction of Lynne Stewart, a civil rights attorney who was convicted of of smuggling messages from her client, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rhaman, to and Egyptian terrorist network. There was overwhelming evidence, taped conversations, eyewitness accounts, etc. Oh, and don’t forget that she admitted it. She thought the law was wrong. Tough. Attorney-client priviledge doesn’t including being part of criminal activity. It is not ok for mafia lawyers, and not ok terrorist lawyers, no matter how much the contriarians hate Bush and Ashcroft. Cases in point:

  • If she’s guilty, I’m glad. But I have serious doubts she’s guilty. Lately the government has made a habit of classifying exculpatory evidence. Who knows what documents were suppressed that could have been used to prove her innocence.
  • Unbelieveable! This is worse then jailing political dissadents!! They are jailing attorneys charged with the duty to advocate on behalf of their client in accordance with the procedural and due process rights granted by our Constitution!!! Good God!!!
  • Welcome to Amerika! And under the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Acts, violations of our Constitutional Rights and Ammendments are LEGAL now.
  • and the proof of these allegations? If you say "the government said so", you’ll have to wait until I stop laughing to continue.
  • Guess Right Wing Agenda is to scare of attorneys from taking these type cases. Would be interesting to hear the videotapes. Seems the videotapes would be important in delivering a verdict. Someone mentioned that exculpatory evidence may have been classified? Is that true for this case? That’s important. Overall, this is not a good verdict for Americans. The radicals may try to use this case to further to prosecute activists and concerned citizens at large.
  • This is a sad day for America

You get the picture. Stewart broke the law. I guess in the DU world, it is ok to excuse this type of activity as long as Bush is President. To be fair, there were many a folks on the thread who realize what is right and what is wrong, politics aside.

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2 Responses to “Terror Lawyer Found Guilty”

  1. Ogre says:

    For some reason, it seems like there’s more examples every day of Democrats being “outraged” when Democrats are prosecuted for breaking the law.

    I guess they really, honestly do believe that laws were made only for everyone else BUT them.

  2. They do believe that, especially if it is anti-bush. But, for instance, they see absolutely no problem with what has happened in Washington. They do not even believe that all the evidence of fraud is as bad as one person waiting for hours in the rain to vote is.

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