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Had an email I thought it was worth doing a post reply to. Jenny was wondering why I take so long to reply to comments in posts. What it comes down to is that I only check in at my site every now and then during the day, especially on a day when I am working. This is for a couple reasons. First, I am usually perusing other blogs, forums, news, sports, etc, when I am on the net. When at work, the firewall will not allow sitemeter to show, so it takes a long time to refresh. But, again, it mostly has to do with me spending way more time out and about then monitoring my own stuff.

With email, I only bring it up on the laptop a few times a day, and sometimes spamblocker gets legit email. I cannot check at work, the firewall excludes all web based email programs, which is how I would get into my Road Runner accounts when away from home.

I definately appreciate comments, and email. If I haven’t answered, don’t take that as a sign of disrespect. Just haven’t gotten there yet.

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