American Flag Folks Added

Welcome new member SlagleRock’s Slaughter to the league

Update, 530pm: added The Minor Prophet.

Welcome aboard to both!

And more: Welcome Cave News and Views. I finally have the American Flag site listed in the Ecosphere, and noticed that Perry Peterson had it all set up. Welcome aboard, and, if you had sent me an email or a comment, I apologize for missing it.

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2 Responses to “American Flag Folks Added”

  1. Jeremy says:


    Found another libbo for ya. He’s got no flag, but he’s got the signing of the Declaration on his banner. We’re up to TWO now!

    American Blog Party

    I’m pretty sure he’s not on the list. I haven’t told him about it yet though. Since you’re the keymaster I thought it might be your place to do it.

  2. Guess this qualifies, since it is about patriotism. Got him added. Good find.

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