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To Save Planet From Burning, Freeze Your Jeans

How big is this shark going to get? (The Blaze) In September, we brought you the controversial Levi’s ad that glorified revolution. It was then that we introduced you to their new slogan, the “uniform of progress.” Well, progress’s jumpsuit has struck again, this time with the curious idea that you should freeze your jeans, […]

Team Obama Plans To Ruin NYC Marathon

He’s ruining everything else, so, why not? (NY Post) He always said campaigning for president is like a marathon. President Obama will make a political run in Sunday’s New York City Marathon — through an army of supporters who will line the 26.2 miles to recruit volunteers for his re-election bid. “Want to take part […]

If All You See…

…is evil CO2 releasing beer, you might just be a Warmist

Remember, OWS Is Just Like The TEA Party

Oakland Don’t Play More photos below the fold

UN: “If You Don’t Believe In Tackling Climate Change (Hoax), You’re Immoral And Hate Those In Poverty”

Yet another breathless report from the United Nations (which is going to be holding it’s latest conference in the lovely vacation spot of Durban, S.A., at the end of the month, of which Anthony Watts writes “I’m not sure what it celebrates, perhaps they are celebrating being given prepaid tickets and receiving a salary plus […]

Oakland’s Liberal Mayor Sends In Police Against Liberal Occupiers

I’m not sure what Oakland mayor Jean Quan was thinking. The protesters were completely peaceful (MSNBC) Police in riot gear clashed with protesters in Oakland in the early morning hours on Thursday, firing tear gas to disperse demonstrators lingering in the streets after a day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality and police brutality. […]

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