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Shocker: Men Have Seizures While Watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn

I now have my excuse (Washington Post) “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” has elicited shrieks of joy from Twihards, yawns from some film critics and groans from unwilling partners dragged to the vampire love story. But the film’s gory birth scene, which contains rapid flashes of black and red light, has apparently also caused two men to […]

Young Activists Take Unnecessary Fossil Fueled Flights To Tell Us How Bad Climate Change Is

Anyone else getting tired of climahypocrites lecturing everyone else to cut down on their “carbon” output? (All Africa) (Press release) Meet the first of the young Greenpeace enthusiasts from around the world, the Green Reporters, who have come to COP17 to offer themselves as a two-way microphone for the common global youth voice who demand […]

If All You See…

…is a future meal which will add countless amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, you might just be a Warmist

Eat Your Leftovers, Or The World Will Die

I’m glad the Warmists are around to tell us to eat our leftovers, otherwise, I might have forgotten that the delicious turkey I cooked, along with mashed spuds, stuffing, and apple pie (along with several things people brought that I won’t eat) (Grist) As if turkey pot pie and turkey a la king aren’t enticing […]

And Now They Want To Occupy Christmas

That’s right, the Occupiers have yet another wonderful idea designed to tick people off (The Spec) The yurts are barely dismantled and the tents only just rolled up, but there is already a new movement on the horizon — Occupy Christmas. Canadian magazine Adbusters — which prompted the Occupy Wall Street camp and subsequent set-ups […]

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