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The Rose Bowl Parade Is Latest Thing The Occupiers May Ruin

Fortunately, it’s just in the “throw it against the wall and see if it stick” phase (Pasadena Sun) An activist who helped expand the Occupy Wall Street movement to Los Angeles is setting his sights on new territory: Pasadena’s iconic Rose Parade. “Everything is not coming up roses,” said Peter Thottam, an Occupy L.A. organizer […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful field that can be clear cut for wind farms, you might just be a Warmist

Warmists Light Candles For Globull Warming That Are Bad For Globull Warming

Funny stuff from the Warmists, via Tom Nelson The associated text The UK government has already pledged some short-term funding to tackle climate change. But this isn’t enough. If people in poverty are to weather its effects, it’s vital the UK provides funding for the long term, and ensures this reaches the most vulnerable communities. […]

Could A SCOTUS Ruling In Favor Of The Individual Mandate Sink The Tea Party?

Elizabeth Wydra engages in a bit of fantasy over at The Politico, hoping against hope that the voices on the right will be shut down Of all the possible outcomes being tossed around as the Affordable Care Act litigation heads for Supreme Court consideration, one is usually overlooked: If the court upholds the act’s constitutionality […]

Man Shot, Killed Near Occupy Oakland

Just like during the Tea Party rallies….no? Funny, the media tended to call the Tea Party violent because people were bringing guns, in complete obeyence of the law, to the rallies. Yet, no one was shot during the rallies. We also didn’t have people pooping on cop cars, either (SF Chronicle) A young man was […]

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