Daily Archives: November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us give thanks to God above, Thanks for expressions of His love, Seen in the book of nature, grand Taught by His love on every hand. Let us be thankful in our hearts, Thankful for all the truth imparts, For the religion of our Lord, All that is taught us in His word. Let […]

Bummer: Trace Amounts Of Harmless Gas Necessary For Life To Kill Your Hard Drive

The Warmists really just can’t help themselves (via Real Science) (Daily News) Production of a critical component of computer hard drives has been severely affected by the recent severe flooding in Bangkok, Thailand, causing the price of the hard drives around the world to triple. This is one example of the interconnectedness of the impacts […]

Bummer: Bigfoot Needs Permit To Be Filmed

Thanksgiving, a day to unwind, perhaps step back from politics for a bit, so, let’s go with something a bit more fun, shall we? (Fox News) The video shows a large animal-like figure walking upright on a ridge on the top of Mount Monadnock, one of New Hampshire’s most popular hiking attractions. A group of […]

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