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OWS: Trinity Church Learns No Good Dead Goes Unoccupied

When you throw your lot in with people who feel entitled, you learn there are unintended consequences (The Blaze) The Blaze has confirmed that Occupy Wall Street protesters have cut the locks on a lot owned by Trinity Church, a major landowner in Manhattan. Earlier this morning, the New York Times reported: The protesters had […]

Chapel Hill Police Found Riot Literature Prior To Assault Weapon Occupy Raid

So, lots of liberals where whining (shock!) about the Chapel Hill PD entering a building with assault rifles drawn to bust anarchists linked to the Occupy morons who had illegally broken and entered the building. But, late Monday we learned (Raleigh N&O) Town officials say they were justified in using a tactical squad of officers […]

If All You See…

…is the perfect soft material to dry your hands on and protect Gaia from CO2, you might just be a Warmist

UK Guardian: Fighting Climate Change Is Like Fighting Hitler Or Something

We’re doooooomed! (UK Guardian) The lesson the world is learning the hard way from the financial crisis is that there is only one boat and we are all in it. To stay afloat, we need rules tough enough to stop systemic risks becoming systemic collapses. This lesson is as true for the environment as it […]

Big Liberal Mayor Of Big Liberal City Clears Big Liberals From Zuccotti Park

Looks like Mayor Bloomberg finally had enough, weeks after the people who live and work in the Zuccotti Park area of New York City had enough. The NY Times is there (probably standing far away, as they did not want to be taken for bankers in their hoity toity highfalutin power suits) Hundreds of New […]

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