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And Then The Warmists Came For YOUR A/C And Fridge

Obviously, they won’t give their own up and replace them with much more expensive Gaia compliant versions (Reuters) Soaring use of man-made gases used in refrigerators, airconditioners and fire extinguishers risks speeding up global warming and industry should adopt alternatives, a U.N. report said on Monday. In the most dire forecast, unless governments and industry […]

If All You See…

…is a native American living a sustainable lifestyle which reduces GHG output, you might be a Warmist (and a bigot)

Occupiers: “Hey, Where Are The Women?”

Tina Dupuy over at The Atlantic notices something funny During the very first week of the Occupation in LA I noticed that the gender breakdown in its General Assembly (GA) and various committee meetings was roughly the same as the within the U.S. Congress. In other words, about one-fifth of those who were participating in […]

Oh, Noes! Climate Change (Hoax) Almost Ruined Thanksgiving!

You had to know it was coming. Prior to every big holiday, there seems to be at least a few stories which combine AGW and the holiday in some fashion. And, right on time, here we have uber GINK (green inclinations, no kids) Jess Zimmerman, one of Grist’s leading proponents of population reduction, going unhinged: […]

Demasocialists Look To Regulate Airline Bag Fees

What is socialism truly about? It is one of the three Democracy models, along with (classical) Liberalism and (classical) Conservatism. What distinguishes and makes the Socialism model is that the government is heavily involved in the private sector, from regulation all the way up to owning businesses. Our government model has already moved heavily into […]

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