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Astroturfed “Grassroots” Occupy To Occupy Congress?

So they say (Washington Post) One of the enduring questions about Occupy Wall Street has been this: Can the energy unleashed by the movement be leveraged behind a concrete political agenda and push for change that will constitute a meaningful challenge to the inequality and excessive Wall Street influence highlighted by the protests? A coalition […]

If All You See…

…is clothes being washed naturally, saving Gaia, you might just be a Warmist

San Fran Occupiers Welcome Lice And Fleas

I’d compare them to cats and dogs, but, cats and dogs don’t continuously tell us how they are uber smart (CBS San Fran) Poor sanitation and evidence of lice and fleas at the Occupy San Francisco encampment endanger the health of everyone in the overcrowded, makeshift tent city at Justin Herman Plaza, public health officials […]

Bummer: UN IPCC Fails To Support AGW Caused “Extreme Weather”

In the past, it used to simply be called weather. Now, every tornado is due to Donald Douglas using electricity to tell us Britney Spears wore a hot green bikini. Every weather event, or lack thereof (3rd straight year with no hurricane strikes on the US mainland. Irene was not a hurricane when it came […]

OWS: What Better Way To Get People On Your Side Than Tick Them Off?

Thursday’s two month anniversary of liberals squatting in squalor, avoiding showers, banging on drums, doing drugs, raping other Occupiers, exposing themselves to children, and ruining the local businesses profits, among others, was a perfect show of liberalism. For some reason, they think the best way to achieve their objectives is to use vinegar instead of […]

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