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What If They Held A Climate Change (Hoax) Hearing, And No One Came?

Apparently, the only people covering the hearing was HuffPost Green. After a lot of yammering we end with During the Q&A session that followed the presentations, talk turned to the role of humans in global warming, and it became pretty clear that Muller remains a skeptic on that front. Here again I was somewhat rankled […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful pair of shorts which could be cleaned in an carbon friendly manner at the same time you dry your hands in a carbon friendly manner, you might just be a Warmist

Grist Warmists Inadvertently Admit AGW Is All About Politics

Not that we didn’t know this already. It’s just that the Warmists continued the drum beat that this is about “science” (Grist) Conservatives have drummed up unprecedented devotion to climate change denialism by invoking the specter of anti-capitalism, writes Naomi Klein in The Nation, and they’re not really wrong. Combating climate change will mean overhauling […]

Good News! Occupy Santa Cruz Has Ringworm And Scabies

Just like the Tea Party! Via OWS Exposed from Gateway Pundit (Santa Cruz Sentinel) ….Instead, they said the injunction they are seeking through a lawsuit filed last week would give them the authority to remove the campsite at a later date while they work with Occupy representatives to keep San Lorenzo Park free of drugs, […]

House Looks To Pass Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

Now that the GOP controlled House has passed at least 15 economic bills designed to stimulate jobs, which are languishing in the Democrat controlled Senate, they are free to pass other legislation. This one should be rather interesting (Politico) If congressional gun-rights stalwarts get their way, a firearms owner with a concealed-weapons permit issued in […]

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