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Flopping Aces Deems Obama Pretty Much The Most Divisive President Ever

A great read from Wordsmith at Flopping Aces I don’t remember President Bush 43 ever demonizing his political opponents in the manner in which President Obama has done time and time again. President Bush behaved as a president for the American people. President Obama behaves as the president for the Democratic Party (No, I’m not […]

NPR Warmists Love Them Some Air Pollution

We’ve seen this same line over the past year, as the Warmists attempt to say that things like air pollution, soot, and other air borne particles are masking the affects of anthropogenic global warming. It’s actually pretty darned pathetic (NPR) Cleaning up the air, while good for our lungs, could make global warming worse. That […]

If All You See…

…is an awesome Gaia friendly hand drying implement, you might just be a Warmist

Bummer: Little People Who Can’t Vote Lose Obsession With Barack Obama

And, by little people, I mean kids who have been forced by teachers, the voices of authority for a good chunk of their waking day 5 days a week during school season, to worship Obama. Really bad news for a Monday, folks Kids’ obsession with President Obama fades At Barack Obama Elementary School in Upper […]

Anarchists Linked To Occupy Movement Busted In Chapel Hill

Remember, this is just like the Tea Party, a narrative the liberal media are having a tough time sticking to as of late (Raleigh N&O) A police tactical team of more than 25 police officers arrested eight demonstrators Sunday afternoon and charged them with breaking and entering for occupying a vacant car dealership on Franklin […]

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