Flopping Aces Deems Obama Pretty Much The Most Divisive President Ever

A great read from Wordsmith at Flopping Aces

I don’t remember President Bush 43 ever demonizing his political opponents in the manner in which President Obama has done time and time again. President Bush behaved as a president for the American people. President Obama behaves as the president for the Democratic Party (No, I’m not making an argument that he is the most radical, left-wing politician we’ve ever had- he’s not; nor that he hasn’t also frustrated his own base). He has never abandoned his political campaign rhetoric and in so many speeches during his first term, he has attacked those on the right of an issue with divisive language and belligerence. Yet President Obama was heralded/ushered in as The One who would unite our country and heal a nation. The post-racial president who would reach across the aisle in a spirit of bipartisan cooperation.

President Obama has been anything BUT bipartisan in his governorship of these United States of America.

Make sure to read the whole thing, which lists a whole slew of things that support calling Obama the most divisive president ever. Very similar to my Obama Bus/Insult List.

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