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USA Today Notices Occupiers Are Morons Regarding Guy Fawkes Masks

I’ve mentiones this before, now the USA today educates the Morons Look at a photo or news clip from around the world of Occupy protesters and you’ll likely spot a handful of people wearing masks of a cartoon-like man with a pointy beard, closed-mouth smile and mysterious eyes. The mask is a stylized version of […]

If All You See…

…is evil CO2 spewing beer, you might just be a Warmist

Rich Guy Who Doesn’t Pay His Fair Share Whines About Income Inequality

Yes, it would be Paul Krugman Inequality is back in the news, largely thanks to Occupy Wall Street, but with an assist from the Congressional Budget Office. And you know what that means: It’s time to roll out the obfuscators! Anyone who has tracked this issue over time knows what I mean. Whenever growing income […]

CO2 Output Jumps As Temperature Correlation Refuses To Comply

I blame Warmists for taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights to attend conferences that blame people taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights (Yahoo News) The global output of heat-trapping carbon dioxide jumped by the biggest amount on record, the U.S. Department of Energy calculated, a sign of how feeble the world’s efforts are at slowing man-made global […]

Petulant President Gets Petulant After Another Vote Goes Against Him

Mr. Obama had one hell of a day Thursday. First, he saw yet another piece of his pork barrel “scratch some campaign donors backs” stimulus plan go down (Politico) The widely anticipated defeat of the Democrats’ Rebuild America Jobs Act, which would have provided $60 billion for transportation infrastructure projects, marked the third blow to […]

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