Grist Warmists Inadvertently Admit AGW Is All About Politics

Not that we didn’t know this already. It’s just that the Warmists continued the drum beat that this is about “science”

(Grist) Conservatives have drummed up unprecedented devotion to climate change denialism by invoking the specter of anti-capitalism, writes Naomi Klein in The Nation, and they’re not really wrong. Combating climate change will mean overhauling the free market economy and contracting the corporate sector, and people whose livelihoods depend on big business have a reason to be afraid. (snip)

But they’re right that effectively fighting climate change will mean serious changes to our economic system — including regulation for industry and taxes on the rich. Doing it right will mean working right out of the progressive playbook, and doing so not for partisan reasons but for objective scientific ones. All of this is existentially terrifying to people on the right, and why wouldn’t it be? Republicans, rich people, and industry aren’t opposed to climate action because they’re crazy. They’re opposed because they’re not crazy at all.

This highlights what I and many others have been saying for a long time: the climate change hoax is all about pushing a far left agenda, not science. But, like I’ve said a million times, if they truly believed that anthropogenic global warming was a danger, they’d actually live the life they say everyone else should live.

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4 Responses to “Grist Warmists Inadvertently Admit AGW Is All About Politics”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    The solution is obvious.

  2. I suggest heavy medication for the warmists, and perhaps a nice stay in a padded room.

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