Bummer: UN IPCC Fails To Support AGW Caused “Extreme Weather”

In the past, it used to simply be called weather. Now, every tornado is due to Donald Douglas using electricity to tell us Britney Spears wore a hot green bikini. Every weather event, or lack thereof (3rd straight year with no hurricane strikes on the US mainland. Irene was not a hurricane when it came on-shore either time), is considered “extreme.” Alas, the UN IPCC has a problem with this

(The Australian) WIDELY-HELD assumptions that climate change is responsible for an upsurge in extreme drought, flood and storm events are not supported by a landmark review of the science.

And a clear climate change signal would not be evident for decades because of natural weather variability.

But rather than bolster claims of a climate change link, the scientific review prepared by the world’s leading climate scientists for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change highlights the level of uncertainty. After a week of debate, the IPCC will tonight release a summary of the report in Kampala, Uganda, as a prelude to the year’s biggest climate change conference, being held in Durban, South Africa.

The full report will not be released for several months but a leaked copy of the draft summary, details of which have been published by the BBC and a French news agency, have provided a good indication of what it found.

While the human and financial toll of extreme weather events has certainly risen, the cause has been mostly due to increased human settlement rather than worse weather.

There is only “low confidence” that tropical cyclones have become more frequent, “limited to medium evidence available” to assess whether climatic factors have changed the frequency of floods, and “low confidence” on a global scale even on whether the frequency has risen or fallen.

Ouch. When even the alarmists at the IPCC cannot lay the blame for weather events at the feet of greenhouse gases, you know the “extreme weather” meme is a load of mule fritters. But, this doesn’t stop the alarmists, oh, no. It drives Joe Romm crazy(er)

IPCC Extreme Weather Report Is Another Blown Chance to Explain the Catastrophes Coming If We Keep Doing Nothing

It appears that the talking points and doctrine are more important than practicing any science. Because science has nothing to do with this primarily left wing belief

Fortunately, the public already understands that global warming makes extreme weather more severe, as new polling reveals:

This is the whole “consensus” thing. If the majority of people believe that the world is flat, and one guy doesn’t, who is right? Science is not belief. Except in Alarmist World. The rest of Romm’s post is just as silly and unscientific.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: UN IPCC Fails To Support AGW Caused “Extreme Weather””

  1. klem says:

    This is being released to try to attract media attention to the upcoming Durban conference which is expected to be an epic failure. They know it going to bomb so they are pulling out all the stops this year. The IPCC has never delivered a summary report just before a summit, they know this summit is going to be bad. Even the Muller temperature study in the US congress lsat week drew almost no media coverage, I think that was the big alarm bell.

    I can’t wait for Durban. I’m getting my beer and popcorn ready, this is going to be so much fun. Wahoo!

  2. Exactly right, Klem. Every year we get doom and gloom starting in November. Unfortunately, they told the truth, which they thought no one would notice.

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