OWS: Trinity Church Learns No Good Dead Goes Unoccupied

When you throw your lot in with people who feel entitled, you learn there are unintended consequences

(The Blaze) The Blaze has confirmed that Occupy Wall Street protesters have cut the locks on a lot owned by Trinity Church, a major landowner in Manhattan. Earlier this morning, the New York Times reported:

The protesters had their eye on the churc lot. In mid-morning, a delegation of prote said they were trying to obtain permission from church officials to occupy the lot.

It was not clear how that negotiation wen but at 11 a.m. two protesters dressed in b wearing black bandannas over the lower p of their faces, used bolt cutters to snip through the chain-link fence and the crow began streaming in.

The church, which has been supportive of the protests thus far, became aware of the event at the same time media reported on it, indicating that it wasn‘t approved by Trinity’s leaders.

They had no idea this was happening, but, they should have anticipated it. And, yes, arrests have been made.

Hey, remember when the Tea Party cut locks off of private property and took it over while wearing face hiding masks……

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3 Responses to “OWS: Trinity Church Learns No Good Dead Goes Unoccupied”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    This is the same thing that happened to Wesminster Abbey in London.

    The protestors have a sense of entitlement that hopefully will result in arrest.

  2. I would have loved to listen to those conference calls when they found out they were being occupied.

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