UN: “If You Don’t Believe In Tackling Climate Change (Hoax), You’re Immoral And Hate Those In Poverty”

Yet another breathless report from the United Nations (which is going to be holding it’s latest conference in the lovely vacation spot of Durban, S.A., at the end of the month, of which Anthony Watts writes “I’m not sure what it celebrates, perhaps they are celebrating being given prepaid tickets and receiving a salary plus a per diem to fly halfway round the world to a lovely remote spot to listen to people talk about wasting fossil fuel.”), and discussed in the NY Times, which kills lots of trees to distribute a print paper, and uses lots of electricity to publish it, including on the Internet. Apparently, Climate Change Imperils Global Prosperity, UN Warms

A new report from the United Nations Development Program warns that if drastic measures are not taken to prepare nations for the impacts of climate change, the economic progress of the world’s developing countries could stall or even be reversed by 2050.

Who knew there was actually some economic progress in all the 3rd world shitholes developing countries? I thought they were just given lots of money by the producer countries, which the dictators and military juntas used on themselves.

This year’s annual report, approaches the issue of climate change and environmental degradation from the standpoint of economic development and the eradication of poverty,. “Even if someone’s a climate skeptic, this report says, ‘Put that aside for a second,’ ” said William Orme, a spokesman for the United Nations agency. “If you believe in something like a moral commitment to the global community and in getting people out of poverty, we must address these environmental problems.”

Go that? If you don’t set aside your climate reality beliefs, you’re immoral and a big meanie. Hey, you know what causes serious environmental “degradation”? Glaciers marching down from the poles. Of course, what the UN calls “degradation” is simply what has been going on over the past 4.5 billion years. Every once in a while, I wonder if the Alarmists will right a book which claims the climate started in 1900. They turn into Flat Earthers when it comes to a changing climate. Which has actually be stagnant over the past 13-15 years.

Now, when it comes to real pollution, I’m with them. Real air and water pollution, poor sanitation standards (hey, does that make Zuccotti Park a 3rd world shithole?), deforestation, and, yes, sulfur dioxide from coal fired energy plants, among others, are real problems. Of course, many in the developing countries (which never develop anything but brutal militaries, seemingly) would probably trade a bit of environmental damage for stable and readily available “dirty” power.

The problem is that the report, like so much of the Alarmist rhetoric, folds real environmental concerns under the banner of anthropogenic global warming, natch “climate change.” I’ve said before, this is one of my biggest pet peeves with the Alarmist movement (along with the alarmists failing to practice what they preach, and wanting Everyone Else to pony up money). There are real environmental problems, and we should address them on their own. I’ve preached this before, so I shan’t bore you again.

Next June, a United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development will convene in Rio de Janeiro to explore ways of averting future environmental devastation and fixing the messes that exist now.

Must be nice taking fossil fueled flights to yet another beautiful vacation spot in order to rail against people using fossil fuels.

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One Response to “UN: “If You Don’t Believe In Tackling Climate Change (Hoax), You’re Immoral And Hate Those In Poverty””

  1. Word says:

    What? economic progress of developing nations?

    Like Somalia? Chad? Yemen? All those nations are fuking islam extremist zones whom I would not want a penny to go to their development.

    Bush and the United States and Obama just handed the Jihad half of the middle east. Now the UN wants us to hand extremist muslims the rest of the freakin world while EUROPE is being overun by Muslims and the United States is being overrun by Mexicans.

    The world is over as we know it folks. Its gone. Done. Finni. We are just marking time till the real end. A billion Angry Muslims wanting world domination to quench their muslim beliefs is not going away.

    Will not be resolved

    and will not end until their is a final show down………or like one notable Cleric proclaimed……

    “We will absorbe the west without a shot being fired”

    and the marxist progressives shouted AMEN as they blindly followed their atheist trail of destruction to the end of the world.

    and the main stream media….shouted……..A FREAKIN MAN!!!!……praise Obama.

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