To Save Planet From Burning, Freeze Your Jeans

How big is this shark going to get?

(The Blaze) In September, we brought you the controversial Levi’s ad that glorified revolution. It was then that we introduced you to their new slogan, the “uniform of progress.” Well, progress’s jumpsuit has struck again, this time with the curious idea that you should freeze your jeans, not wash them.

The idea comes from the company’s new “Water

The story was a New York Times hit this week: It has introduced a brand featuring stone-washed denim smoothed with rocks but no water. It is sewing tags into all of its jeans urging customers to wash less and use only cold water.

To customers seeking further advice, Levi Strauss suggests washing jeans rarely, if at all —the theory being that putting them in the freezer will kill germs that cause them to smell.

Well, there you go: put your jeans in the freezer to save Gaia from getting a fever. Which she’s survived from during most of the Earth’s history.

You know, if they would just stop right after “we need to conserve water, they’d make sense. Once they throw the AGW mule fritters in, all their credibility is the same as mule fritters. Fresh ones.

BTW, I generally wash my clothes in cold water using cold water detergent. Saves money. Guess that puts me ahead of most of the warmists.

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3 Responses to “To Save Planet From Burning, Freeze Your Jeans”

  1. Word says:

    I drive a Hummer.
    I wash my clothes in hot water.
    I use the sanitize feature on my dishwasher.
    I keep all the lights on in the house.
    I run the heater non stop.
    I keep the thermostat on 62 in the summer.
    I Fly every chance I get.
    I leave all the tvs running in my house all night.
    I figure the earth is going belly up…..I might as well get MINE NOW….no use saving for later when there aint gonna be no later.

  2. tdothen says:

    But how much additional power will my freezer/refrigerator consume reducing my jeans from room temperature to freezing?

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