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Warmist Bill McKibben: Earth Has Never Faced A Bigger Challenge Than Globull Warming

Climate alarmist Bill McKibben has an axe to grind against the Chamber Of Commerce, and among all the insanity, we get this As Brad Johnson, at the Center for American Progress, has detailed recently, the US Chamber has opposed virtually every attempt to rein in pollution, from stronger smog standards to a ban on the […]

NC High Speed Rail Will Cost Just $461 Million

Well, that’s how much Los Federales will provide to North Carolina. How much this boondoggle will cost the people of NC is unknown at this time Transportation officials said Tuesday they’ve reached an agreement that will allow them to obtain $461 million in federal grants to improve passenger train service between North Carolina’s two largest […]

Nothing Says Awesome Like Hello Kitty And Pink Guns

Busting a cap needn’t be a fashion mistake anymore, ladies Gun manufacturers have been responding to a soaring interest from women with female-friendly ‘purse pistols’ in an array of trend-led colours and designs. Despite the concerns of anti-gun campaigners, there has been an 83 per cent rise in the number of women buying firearms for […]

7 Questions For Liberals On Obama’s Libyan War

John Hawkins, writing over at Townhall, has 7 questions for you liberals. Can you answer them?

Climate Alarmists Wonder If UK Green Week Is Green Wash

Face it, alarmists, you created the following situation. You’ve all mostly been about “spreading awareness”, getting others to change their behavior, yet rarely actually Doing Something themselves. And now some are finally wondering if it is all bunk David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has described it as the big green society in action, but is […]

NY Times Editorial Board Finally Finds Their Groove On Libya Intervention

Whew! I thought this day would never come. The anonymous big wigs who provide us with the sense of the paper have finally figured out their position on Obama’s “war of choice” after much martini related discussion, and we find out that they are “concerned” Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi has long been a thug and a […]

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