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Coca Cola Continues As Part Of Earth Hour

Yes, it is almost time for Earth Hour, the one hour a year when climate morons actually Do Something themselves and crow about there short term commitment Coca-Cola Great Britain today announces its support for WWF’s fifth annual Earth Hour, taking place from 8.30pm-9.30pm on Saturday 26 March 2011. WWF is celebrating its 50th anniversary […]

Apparently, We Need NPR TO Fill A Gap

The Washington Post attempted to defend National Public Radio, ie, government funded radio Thursday. After a bit of a buildup, here’s their rationale But equally important to us is local news coverage, which has been even more severely weakened by shrunken reporting staffs and ambitions at newspapers and commercial stations in too many cities and […]

Today’s “Does Globull Warming Cause Earthquakes?” Silliness

Over the cold and snowy winter, something we had been told was a thing of the past, we were treated to a raft of stories saying “this is what globull warming looks like!” Now, the Warmists seem to be pushing the meme that all the earthquake activity is caused by the climate change hoax, with […]

Politico Attempts To Defend Obama’s Trip To Brazil

Unfortunately, for The Politico and Obama, the attempt by Josh Gerstein to defend The Reluctant President’s South American trip falls flat, as he spends quite a bit of time at the beginning explaining why he should not go, which is what people will remember Some 26 months into Barack Obama’s presidency, Latin America’s moment has […]

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