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Treehugger Wonders Why So Many Less Give A Crap About Earth Hour

Poor little darlings, watching their pet cult die out as the disciples realize that nothing is what it seems, and that the elders in the Church Of Gore just want their money and obedience Earth Hour started in Sydney in 2007; by 2009 it had spread around the world, becoming a very big deal everywhere […]

Michelle Bachmann Says She’s In For 2012. Maybe

This should drive the Wonky Media and all the Lefties, not too mention wishy washy Republicans, bat guano inane Tea Party Darling Says She Wants In on Conversation, would announce by Summer or earlier. Isn’t calling her “darling” rathe sexist? Just over ten months before next February’s Iowa caucuses Sarah Palin is returning from a […]

Tim Pawlenty Has Some Questions To Answer About His Globull Warming Support

Now that Tim Pawlenty has announced that he has formed a presidential exploratory committee, it is time to start looking at his conservative credentials. Overall, he would appear to be a great candidate. But, there is one problem I see A video created by a Democratic state legislator in Minnesota captures Tim Pawlenty, the former […]

Unanswered Questions About Libya, And Some ObamaLuv

Kinda hard to believe that people at the Politico are being somewhat critical of Obama, as the news outlet has typically been one of his best cheerleaders, but, there you have it, though it is a bit more of the “tut-tut” type criticism, along with an attempt to explain what’s inside Obama’s head, since Obama […]

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