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Tree Tape Tells Kids They Should Stop Exhaling

Darn. Just as I gave Treehugger some props for mostly avoiding globull warming over the past few weeks (I wrote that post in the a.m.), and left a comment over at Treehugger offering some kudos, I guess they decided to to tell me to GFMS, and went on an AGW tear. This one’s probably the […]

Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil To Stop Climate Change!!!!

And yet another deranged climate hysteria story from Treehugger The mediterranean cuisine is known to be one of the healthiest, and yet, Spaniards like their fried tapas or churros every now and then. In 2010 the recycling centers, called ‘Green Points’, collected 195.136 liters of used kitchen oil from households, which only counts for 2,5% […]

Ezra Klein’s “Just Wondering” If What Scott Walker Did Was Legal

Ezra has no proof of any wrong doing, but, he wants to make sure that everyone knows that there is a possibility that something something and something. He’s just wondering As for the legality, this part is a bit murky to me, but there appear to be at least two question: First, did the rewritten […]

Time Magazine Wants To Know Why People Don’t Believe Their Deranged “Climate Change” Meme

What, are you skeptics and deniers stupid or something? Why won’t you believe that greenhouse gases have created the snowiest week 8 on record? Why won’t you believe that someone living a modern life is responsible for earthquakes and volcano eruptions, caused by carbon dioxide release? Why won’t you believe that greenhouse gas release by […]

Boxer And Casey Dare Boehner: No Budget, No Pay

The lawmakers and political wonks who have been talking the most about a government shutdown have been…..Democrats! They’ve been attempting to create some sort of scary situation surrounding a government shutdown due to their being no budget, which is obviously the fault of the Republicans…..wait, wasn’t the Democrat led House maleficent for completely failing to […]

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