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When The Going Gets Tough, Obama….Goes Golfing!

Earlier in the day, I caught Jammie Wearing Fool discussing Obama’s weekly radio address, to which JWF writes You figure with chaos around the globe the leader of the free world would take the opportunity to discuss the myriad crises during his weekly address, right? Uh, no, he’s in campaign mode. Don’t distract him with […]

Rule 5 Saturday: Paul Krugman Finally Writes That’s He’s A Liberal Hack

This one’s from a few days ago, but, proves what we all know: Paul Krugman is a completely biased liberal hack A followup on the post about mostly economics reading; on politics, culture, etc. there are other blogs I read fairly often. On politics, Greg Sargent, Josh Marshall, Digby, and I still get a kick […]

Grist Writer Walks Back Climate Change And Japanese Earthquake Insanity A Tiny Bit

Perhaps one of the adults at Grist, and, being Grist, I use the term “adults” loosely, had some words with Christopher Mims over yesteday’s insane post (I covered here yesterday) Update: The intent of this piece isn’t to attribute today’s tragedy to climate change. Apologies to those whom I misled with the headline. It was […]

Snap! Assault On EPA And Unions Threatens Our Democracy!

Happy Saturday! How about some DERP inspired laughter With EPA & Labor Unions Under Fire, So is US Democracy Other than in the headline, Treehugger writer Brian Merchant never discusses the labor unions, it’s all about climate change, social justice, climate justice, and other left wing insanity There’s more to the recent political assault on […]

Huge Explosion At Japanese Nuclear Plant

Some sites, such as Stratfor, are irresponsibly terming it a “nuclear meltdown,” but, no official confirmation of that as of yet, though there are fears of it happening: Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant A massive explosion has rocked a Japanese nuclear power plant after Friday’s devastating earthquake. A huge pall of smoke was […]

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