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Ohio Is Like Wisconsin Which Is Like Egypt?

Good news, kids in Ohio! You’re about to get many days off (of course, that means you’ll have to make them up in late spring/early summer) More than 8,000 protesters converged on Ohio’s state capital on Tuesday as state lawmakers considered a bill similar to one proposed in Wisconsin to curtail the power of public […]

Apparently, Liberal Civility Includes Pedophelia Againt Scott Walker’s Kids

For those who don’t know, that bear in the right corner is a symbol of Pedophelia. Granted, there is a slight chance it was ‘shopped, I did find it at the Chive, but, would anyone be surprised if it was real? PS: if that picture is too big, I’ll resize later. Using iPhone at the […]

Apparently, The DOD Should Fight Gobull Warming, Not People

Barking moonbat world at Desmogblog U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres warned militaries this month that they should be spending more money to reduce carbon emissions. According to her, one of the biggest threats to nations right now is global warming. President Obama recently asked Congress for $671 billion for the […]

Shocker! With Cleaner Cars, People Drive More

The Law Of Unintended Liberal Policy Consequences has once again struck with a vengeance Sweden, that sustainability superstar, really prides itself on being “green.” It is one of the few countries to decouple CO2 emissions from economic growth. It has switched a huge portion of its heating away from fossil fuels (district heating). It’s the […]

Even The Brits Notice How Weak America Is Under Obama

Over at the UK Telegraph, Niles Gardiner does the heavy lifting in showing just how weak Obama’s foreign policy is The débacle of Washington’s handling of the Libya issue is symbolic of a wider problem at the heart of the Obama administration’s foreign policy. The fact that it took ten days and at least a […]

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