Daily Archives: March 25, 2011

Obama To Finally Address American’s On Monday

Looks like Champ is getting TOTUS back from the repair shop President Obama plans to talk about the military operation in Libya on Monday evening in a nationally televised speech at the National Defense University, the White House said, offering his first formal explanation of the goals of this increasingly complex and dangerous mission. That […]

Globull Warming To Cause More Wars Or Something

Today’s gloom and doom, because war never happened before 1980 It’s not hard to imagine international tensions bubbling over as the planet heats up, and defence planners have begun to pay more attention to the risk of climate-related conflicts. Wait, I thought Man induced Globull warming was making it cold and snowy now. As the […]

Say, What’s The Resale Value On A Nissan Leaf?

This should be good news to people who plan on spending $32,000 (before the federal tax credit). The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article up about the situation (via The Hockey Schtick) Pull the Plug on Electric Car Subsides [paywalled] Consumer Reports doesn’t have good early reviews for Chevrolet’s flagship entry into electric vehicles. […]

President Hillary, Sec. Gates To Brief Congress

This comes on the heals of President Clinton giving a brief press conference on the supposed transfer of power to someone within NATO As the White House works to assuage congressional anger over U.S. entry into armed conflict in Libya, four top national security officials will give a classified briefing to lawmakers on the war […]

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