Globull Warming To Cause More Wars Or Something

Today’s gloom and doom, because war never happened before 1980

It’s not hard to imagine international tensions bubbling over as the planet heats up, and defence planners have begun to pay more attention to the risk of climate-related conflicts.

Wait, I thought Man induced Globull warming was making it cold and snowy now.

As the world’s subtropics heat up and dry out, many important regions – including parts of the southwest US and northern Mexico, and the nations ringing the Mediterranean – will see an intensifying risk of major drought, which may feed other sources of societal stress and international conflict. These same parts of the world could also be well suited for hosting mammoth solar farms to send energy across international lines – another potential wrinkle in the geopolitics of tomorrow.

What about the “extreme” floods? Aren’t there supposed to be extreme floods, too?

This is why the whole AGW movement is a joke: each disciple spins out some different form of doom and gloom, and it more resembles a carnival fortune teller than science.

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One Response to “Globull Warming To Cause More Wars Or Something”

  1. Doomed says:

    I just spent a day at a liberal site called Liberal values where the guy professes to be a libertarian.

    I threw facts and figures at them…their response was this……..

    “””Many of the claims you made are actually false smears made about Obama by the right wing, capitalizing on the racism which remains common in the right wing. It is an easy matter to claim that something was once on the internet and is now gone. This will fool those who don’t understand how the internet works, but old versions of web sites are easy to find.”””

    “””I doubt I’ll waste any more time with someone who is as out of touch with reality as he is.”””

    What stirred these responses AND my being banned from their site?

    My original post.

    The AGW crowd pulled their web content and edited it after the email scandals. Keith Briffa’s Urals data was reworked to include the deleted ring data and then put back on the internet.

    NOAA which used to provide raw data to the general public has now hidden its content so that it is very difficult to find….because the raw data is in conflict with the IPCC’s stated fact that heat retention and not thermometer readings are the real indicators of global warming……Hide the decline shows that this heat retention is declining..not increasing.

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