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Grist: Tear Down Freeways And Make Bike Paths!

Some days there isn’t much Da Cwazy going on in Globull Warming World, others, the nuttbaggery never stops. Earlier, I received a brief email from Shannon S. Teach, I’m a long time reader, though I rarely ever comment (don’t feel bad, I almost never comment at sites like Hot Air, Ace, and Michelle Malkin’s spot, […]

Another Explosion At Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant

Not good news An explosion was heard Tuesday morning at the Japanese nuclear reactor that has been of greatest concern in the wake of the country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, which damaged the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. The cause of the explosion at Unit 2 and the conditions at the site weren’t immediately clear, but […]

Climate Change Hoax Has Messed Up Earth’s Core Or Something

Your afternoon climate insanity NASA and international university researchers claim that humans have thrown off the balance between the Earth’s rotation, surface air temperatures and movements in its molten core through our contribution of greenhouse gases. And it gets even more insane after that, where man’s GHG contributions, a tiny tiny portion in comparison to […]

Warmist Andy Revkin: No Guilt Over Being A CO2 Polluter

Back on the 12th, NY Times Dot Earth writer Andrew Revkin mention this tidbit in a post about a discussion with an unhinged Grist writer [Please note that I’m heading to Belize for a week with a dozen Pace University communication students making a film on sustainable shrimp farming. You can follow them on Twitter. […]

Cold Weather To Effect Food Security

I’ve mentioned several times that one of the latest meme’s thrown at the wall to try and prop up the dying Cult of Globull Warming is “food security.” Climate morons posit that “climate change” caused by Mankind is causing something something and something, which is leading to higher food prices, and making us all unsafe. […]

Obama: Plenty Of Time For Obama To Campaign In 2011

Good thing there’s nothing happening in the world. As Libya and Japan burn, as we have massive uprisings through the Arab world, Obama played golf and hit the Gridiron dinner (something he skipped the first two years, but, he’ll need, as Dana Perino said, his compliant media’s help in 2012). He penned an op-ed in […]

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