Grist: Tear Down Freeways And Make Bike Paths!

Some days there isn’t much Da Cwazy going on in Globull Warming World, others, the nuttbaggery never stops. Earlier, I received a brief email from Shannon S.

Teach, I’m a long time reader, though I rarely ever comment (don’t feel bad, I almost never comment at sites like Hot Air, Ace, and Michelle Malkin’s spot, either). I’ve noticed that you rarely ever have a DU or other wackjob thread of the day anymore. You tend to focus on the global warming hysteria nowadays. What’s up?

Well, Shannon, you’re right, I don’t spend all that much time over at the wackos sites anymore. When I first started blogging back in 2004, much of my focus was the elections and the surrender monkey Democrats, along with their moonbat supporters at places like the Democratic Underground, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, etc. I also spent a lot of time on illegal immigration and the war on terrorism. I don’t write that much about that nowadays, either, unfortunately. But, I have always been interested in environmentalism, and the globull warming craze. Heck, I used to be a believer, but, I wised up. And, really, finding wacko stuff in the AGW realm is generally really easy, such as

Here’s one way to fund bicycle infrastructure: Stop building freeways in cities.

Better yet, tear down the ones we already have.

Cities are starting to catch on that becoming bicycle friendly is one of the best investments they can make.

Living like it’s 1599. Funny how so-called progressives always seem to want to return to earlier times, eh?

Now, I’m not tearing down riding a bike: they have their place. I’ve often thought that it would be great if you could reduce the traffic in major cities like NYC. But, face it, automobiles are needed.

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2 Responses to “Grist: Tear Down Freeways And Make Bike Paths!”

  1. Black Sabbath says:

    Because EVERYONE knows it’s quick and easy to ride a bike to work from one end to the other of Buffalo or Detroit in a raging snowstorm!

  2. Trish says:

    The Kennedys and others fight wind mills off the coast, the loons fighting bike paths and the list goes on. Environmentalists/Demorats/Nimbys want us to live like cavemen, but “not in their back yards.”

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