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Grist: Climate Change Protests Are Like Rosa Parks Or Something

Funny, I thought the science was settled: We need big, brash, nonviolent climate protests. Are you in? Dear friends, Last week, a jury in Utah found Tim DeChristopher guilty for standing up to the oil and gas companies in an effort to protect our health and our climate. If the federal government thinks that it’s […]

Fleebaggers Want “Border Meeting”

Can Wisconsin Democrats get any more pathetic and childish? (CNN) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday dismissed as “ridiculous” a letter from a Democratic state senate leader who suggested a meeting “near the Wisconsin-Illinois border” to discuss the state’s budget impasse. Sen. Mark Miller sent the letter to Walker on Monday, offering a border […]

Climate Change And Biofuels Threaten Food Security

And here we go again Climate change bringing floods and drought, growing biofuel demand and national policies to protect domestic markets could drive up global food prices and threaten long-term food security, the United Nations said. The obvious answer is to spend lots of money to supposedly lower the average Earth temperature by a negligible […]

Sigh: UNC Goes Green For Graduation Gowns

There’s a reason I’m bringing this story up Fashion designer Alexander Julian has clearly had enough of the University of North Carolina’s aqua graduation gowns, he’s gone and given his alma mater’s regalia a “true Carolina Blue” makeover and used recycled materials in the process, too, according to UNC, via Ecouterre. Pointing out that regalia […]

Obama Is Tough On Leakers – Obviously, Liberals Have A Problem With This

This morning, the Politico has a story up regarding Obama’s tough stance towards leakers of secret material, one of the few things in which I actually agree with Mr. Obama. Previously, President Bush tended to ignore the leakers, when he should have been prosecuting them to the extent of the law. Obama? He and his […]

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