Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

Old And Busted In D.C.: Roving Gangs. New Hotness: Raccoons. Wait, What?

Is it just me, or does this just make sense for the District Of Columbia? WASHINGTON – It’s not unruly teens or broken escalators at one D.C. Metro stop that’s keeping people away. According to one rider, it’s raccoons! Lisa Campbell says there’s a family of raccoons chasing passengers as they enter and exit the […]

Progressive’s Favorite Buddy, Hugo Chavez, Offers To Mediate Libya Situation

This would work out well As international concern grows about Libya descending into civil war, Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi has accepted a mediation offer from longtime ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. But key international players, as well as Libya’s opposition and even Mr. Qaddafi’s son, have rejected it. Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, the embattled leader’s eldest son, […]

Snap! Hurricanes To Be Fewer But More Powerful Due To Globull Warming

Looks like the climate morons are trying out a new meme to try and explain just why hurricane activity has decreased since 2005 Are hurricanes getting worse because of global warming? Models suggest that there may be fewer, but more powerful, hurricanes as the world warms Are these the same models that originally stated that […]

Obama: Hey, Maybe Military Intervention In Libya Might Be OK

One of the not ha-ha jokes about Democrats is that they are often more willing to get involved in military actions that have little to no impact on U.S. security or interests. Kosovo, for instance. There has to be a nebulous humanitarian situation  – unless it is Rwanda, Darfur (let’s be honest, Bush didn’t have […]

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