Old And Busted In D.C.: Roving Gangs. New Hotness: Raccoons. Wait, What?

Is it just me, or does this just make sense for the District Of Columbia?

WASHINGTON – It’s not unruly teens or broken escalators at one D.C. Metro stop that’s keeping people away.

According to one rider, it’s raccoons!

Lisa Campbell says there’s a family of raccoons chasing passengers as they enter and exit the Fort Totten Station on Galloway Street in northeast D.C.

Lisa says she has even spotted a raccoon inside the station near the ticket machine and that Metro has posted a sign asking people not to feed the raccoons.

Think about it: raccoons are tricky little devils, who like to steal stuff. Perfect for D.C.!

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3 Responses to “Old And Busted In D.C.: Roving Gangs. New Hotness: Raccoons. Wait, What?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Know what works exceptionally well against raccoons? Bullets. I’ve won the argument at least 10 times in a row using them.

    Frickin’ corn thievin’ bandits.

  2. Where I grew up in Jersey, there were tons of the little thieves. Used to have to use special garbage can pens to keep the bastards out. My dad would constantly nail them with his old BB gun.

  3. Bunni says:

    They do look kind of evil, now that you mention it.
    Maybe they’ll all bite the gang bangers, and they will die of rabies or something.

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