Progressive’s Favorite Buddy, Hugo Chavez, Offers To Mediate Libya Situation

This would work out well

As international concern grows about Libya descending into civil war, Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi has accepted a mediation offer from longtime ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. But key international players, as well as Libya’s opposition and even Mr. Qaddafi’s son, have rejected it.

Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, the embattled leader’s eldest son, also dismissed Mr. Chávez’s proposal as unnecessary, reports The Latin American Herald Tribune.

“The Venezuelans have affirmed that they are our friends and respect and like us, but … Libya is in the Middle East and in North Africa and Venezuela is in Latin America,” said Qaddafi’s son, who then added a word of gratitude. “Thank you, we are grateful to them. They are our friends. It’s a nice gesture but we can resolve our own problems. There is no need for foreign intervention.”

Chávez seems undeterred, however, by the apparent widespread rejection of his proposal, reports CNN.

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2 Responses to “Progressive’s Favorite Buddy, Hugo Chavez, Offers To Mediate Libya Situation”

  1. “…key international players…have rejected it.”

    That wouldn’t include President WTF, would it?

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. Obama has to consult some donors and shoot some hoops before he decides.

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