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Still Stacy Returns As Colorado Blonde!

Many of you remember Still Stacy (one of my favorite sites), and she returns with a new site, Colorado Blonde! Make sure to head over and say hello, and bookmark and blogroll!

Hump Day Spring Break Rule 5

Those Earthquakes In Arkansas? Yup, Linked To Big Oil

And, stick with me here, linked to globull warming. Now, Christopher Mims at Grist is very worried about the primarily natural earthquakes in the Arkansas region, a regions he points out that has had many, many earthquakes. In fact, the area is prone to huge earthquakes every couple hundred years or so. Ones that make […]

Snap! Gov. Walker “Waging Jihad” Against Public Unions

So much for the “new civility” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) jihad against public employee unions is about 30 years late and likely to make Republicans even less popular with voters, who endorse collective bargaining rights for public employees — professionals for whom they have abiding respect. It’s no wonder smart Republican governors, who are […]

New York May Require Licenses And Insurance For….Bikes?

As much as the backers of the legislation attempt to paint this as Something Good for those who ride bikes, it’s nothing more than a way to control people and raise revenue This afternoon, Gothamist points us to a proposal by assemblyman Michael DenDekker, a Democrat from Queens, which would require by law that every […]

Obama’s Apparently The “Where’s Waldo?” President

The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, who has noticed Obama’s lack of of leadership many times in the past, notices it yet again For a man who won office talking about change we can believe in, Barack Obama can be a strangely passive president. There are a startling number of occasions in which the president has […]

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