Snap! Gov. Walker “Waging Jihad” Against Public Unions

So much for the “new civility

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) jihad against public employee unions is about 30 years late and likely to make Republicans even less popular with voters, who endorse collective bargaining rights for public employees — professionals for whom they have abiding respect. It’s no wonder smart Republican governors, who are a bit closer to their constituencies than their congressional counterparts, regularly demur when asked to endorse Walker’s approach.

That’s funny, because so many Democrats won’t condemn Islamists who engage in jihad against the un-believer, which usually involves, if memory serves, routine torture and killing, but , the writer, Mark Mellman, has no problem equating Walker to Islamists. Weird.

And who is Mark Mellman?

Mellman is president of The Mellman Group and has worked for Democratic candidates and causes since 1982. Current clients include the Majority Leader of the Senate and the Democratic Whip in the House.

Will Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer bemoan Mellman’s lack of civility, and terminate their relationships with him and his group? I’d offer up their web pages and contact information, but, we all know the answer would be “no”, because something something and he’s not a politician, unlike when they slam Rush Limbaugh.

Via Jammie Wearing Fool, who writes: I guess this jerk forgot about the new civility. Oh, forget about that. That was just a means to neutralize freedom of speech for conservatives. Liberals can apparently do and say anything they want.

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3 Responses to “Snap! Gov. Walker “Waging Jihad” Against Public Unions”

  1. Trish says:

    Really? you are truly a despicable human being for saying this Mellman. “Jihad”? Really? Then why doesn’t he go ahead and send an airplane into the motel 6 that the scumbags of the WI legislature are hiding in? Or mow down the pig-like protesters in the Capital? Yup, how about we compare those protesters to johadists, since they’r the ones who are preventing free speech and attacking people on the streets of Madison???????

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