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Japan Earthquake Raised Water Table …… In South Florida

The power of nature WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The devastating earthquake that shook Japan caused a temporary jolt in groundwater levels throughout much of Florida, officials said. The South Florida Water Management District reports that a network of groundwater gauges registered a jump of up to three inches in the water table from Orlando […]

Hottie Climate Moroness Willl Take Cold Showers For Earth Hour

More on celebrities, whose lifestyles and professions use enormous power, and then get preachy PETALING JAYA: This year’s Earth Hour will see singer-actress Hannah Tan shower without turning on the heater. “No hot water showers (for me) for the entire day!” she said. I’d be more impressed if it wasn’t for just one out of […]

Oh, Noes, Globull Warming Caused Rising Seas Threaten New Jersey

And the answer to stopping climate change raising the water levels is to….well, talk about it, spread awareness, and, well, that’s it While the economy may be the most immediate issue, climate change is on our doorstep, said Melanie Reding, education coordinator for the Jacques Cousteau Coastal Education Center in Little Egg Harbor. Reding spoke […]

Fish Wrap’s Ross Douthat Finally Figures Out The Liberal Spin On Libya

He seems to be the only one. For the most part, the liberal media pundits have ignored the Libyan actions. In all the major liberal sources, most are avoiding any sort of editorials, for or against, “Obama’s war,” even while Obama’s liberal base is up in arms in slamming Obama. Obviously, this is A Very […]

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