Warmist Andy Revkin: No Guilt Over Being A CO2 Polluter

Back on the 12th, NY Times Dot Earth writer Andrew Revkin mention this tidbit in a post about a discussion with an unhinged Grist writer

[Please note that I’m heading to Belize for a week with a dozen Pace University communication students making a film on sustainable shrimp farming. You can follow them on Twitter. I will not be able to check comments frequently.]

I left this in the comments

“Please note that I’m heading to Belize for a week”

Hmm, seems you are taking an unnecessary fossil fueled trip, Andrew. If CO2 is so bad, why are you making this trip? You will be putting out enormous amounts.

Kinda, what’s that word I’m looking for????? Oh, yes, hypocritical.

He wasn’t all that pleased with me, but, inadvertently highlighted the way so many of the Warmists feel

My guess is you haven’t followed my work much. First, I’ve never been preachy about the need to use fossil fuels until there are reasonable options at an affordable price. Second, I’ve never been much of a booster of offsets. No guilt card here.

Actually, I read his blog quite often, and follow him on Twitter. I just don’t cite him that often, because he isn’t unhinged like other Warmists. Yet, Andy quite often discusses “climate change,” which, as we all know, means Mankind is at fault. Yet, “no guilt.” how can on believe in man-induced climate change and not be concerned about CO2? Isn’t that the whole point?

Yet, “no guilt.” Just like most other Believers. It makes one wonder if there is some other reasoning behind the AGW craze and what the climate morons want to accomplish.

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