Grist Writer Walks Back Climate Change And Japanese Earthquake Insanity A Tiny Bit

Perhaps one of the adults at Grist, and, being Grist, I use the term “adults” loosely, had some words with Christopher Mims over yesteday’s insane post (I covered here yesterday)

Update: The intent of this piece isn’t to attribute today’s tragedy to climate change. Apologies to those whom I misled with the headline. It was meant literally, as in: Tsunamis are inundations of shorelines and therefore have impacts that resemble storm surges, which are one of the most immediate threats of a warmer planet. In addition, climate change may cause tsunamis directly, so it’s possible we’ll someday see more images like this as a result.

Update 2: Changed the headline (it originally read “Today’s tsunami: This is what climate change looks like”) and updated the text updated to reflect the discussion of the science and the framing in the comments. Thanks to Tom Yulsman for holding my feet to the fire on this.

So someone realized that the headline was misleading, and made Chris apologize, and change it. Uh huh. The entire post, along with the headline, was designed to imply that the earthquake and resulting tsunami were caused by someone driving an SUV.

But, hey, Chris doubles down by saying that “climate change” will make tsunamis appear out of thin water. Sure thing, Sparky. Whatever you say, chump.

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6 Responses to “Grist Writer Walks Back Climate Change And Japanese Earthquake Insanity A Tiny Bit”

  1. david7134 says:

    I have been thinking that the climate people are starting to sound like the evangelicals in the 90’s. Back then, whenever something bad happened they would start yelling that it was God’s retribution. I guess climate change is turning into a religion.

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  4. Trish says:

    Oh it IS a religion, and in most cases it is the sole belief that enviroweenies follow!

  5. Good point, David. That same stuff turned me off back then, too.

    The shame of it all, Trish, is that these fanatics are damaging/have damaged real environmental issues.

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