Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil To Stop Climate Change!!!!

And yet another deranged climate hysteria story from Treehugger

The mediterranean cuisine is known to be one of the healthiest, and yet, Spaniards like their fried tapas or churros every now and then. In 2010 the recycling centers, called ‘Green Points’, collected 195.136 liters of used kitchen oil from households, which only counts for 2,5% of the total oil used in one year by Barcelonians. In order to make recycling oil easier, Barcelona City Council has launched the Olipot, an easy to use bottle that helps you bring your old oil to the recycling centers. That way it does not contaminate the water but instead can be turned into soap, biodiesel and paint.

Wait a moment. There’s nothing in the above excerpt, nor the two paragraphs that follow it, about globull warming. WTF? Treehugger is seriously disappointing me by focusing on actual environmental issues without injecting climate alarmism. Takes away one of my favorite pick-on sites for post material. And, interestingly, many of these issues are ones that I agree with, just like the one above. I think what the BCC is doing is a Good Idea. Pouring used cooking oil down the drain, or just dumping it outside, is a Bad Idea. By providing an easy way for people to dispose of it, and then using it to make other products? Good Idea.

This is what I have been talking about: divorcing real environmental issues from nutty globull warming, and positioning those issues in a rational manner. That way, more people will see the benefits in protecting and conserving the environment.

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2 Responses to “Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil To Stop Climate Change!!!!”

  1. Yeah, Treehugger being unspastic is no fun. But at least there’s this classic headline…

  2. Oh, my dear Lord, that post was hilarious!

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