Tree Tape Tells Kids They Should Stop Exhaling

Darn. Just as I gave Treehugger some props for mostly avoiding globull warming over the past few weeks (I wrote that post in the a.m.), and left a comment over at Treehugger offering some kudos, I guess they decided to to tell me to GFMS, and went on an AGW tear. This one’s probably the most egregious, and insane

London designer Nitipak Samsen has designed a very clever tree measuring tape for children. He tells us: “This tape translates how much CO2 absorbed in the tree into the amount of activities rather than grams of CO2, e.g. 1 hour on a flight or 2 days of breathing.”

Generously, he has offered it as a free download.

So, good news, kids, you can now easily measure how bad you are for the climate, and how your very existence, the gift of life from mom and dad, sucks, and you should stop breathing.

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One Response to “Tree Tape Tells Kids They Should Stop Exhaling”

  1. Maggie Mama says:

    Should we stop everyone from running? I mean I know I’m gasping more air … so let’s stop all marathons now!

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