Ezra Klein’s “Just Wondering” If What Scott Walker Did Was Legal

Ezra has no proof of any wrong doing, but, he wants to make sure that everyone knows that there is a possibility that something something and something. He’s just wondering

As for the legality, this part is a bit murky to me, but there appear to be at least two question: First, did the rewritten bill really count as non-fiscal, and second, did the effort at passage violate Wisconsin’s “open meetings” law? You can read Barry Pump struggle through some of these questions here. Then there’s the issue of the legislation itself: Milwaukee City Attorney Grant Lagley holds that it violates the state constitution. I simply don’t know enough to evaluate any of these claims, but this effort is worth keeping an eye on. And here again, there’s a striking similarity to the immediate aftermath of the health-care reform law. (WT note: there are some links in the original paragraph the did not copy while using iPhone to copy and paste)

So, Ezra really has no idea if anything was done illegally, but, he has no problem with casting aspersions. I’m “just wondering” if Ezra has ever done heroin and had sexual relations with dead bodies. Just wondering.

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9 Responses to “Ezra Klein’s “Just Wondering” If What Scott Walker Did Was Legal”

  1. I’m still wondering if the precocious wunderkind who thought a ListServe architecture afforded privacy has ever had a coherent thought in his head.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. Rick says:

    “I’m “just wondering” if Ezra has ever done heroin an had sexual relations dead bodies. Just wondering.”

    I must admit I’ve often wondered about that myself. There is no proof whatsoever, but the seriousness of the charges should make it incumbent upon Mr. Klein to address them. If the gentleman doesn’t use heroin or have relations with the dead, he should at least tell us when he stopped.

  3. Trish says:

    Hhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha, Liberty & Rick you slay me!

  4. Mike says:

    According to a blurb in an article I was reading this morning,(Please don’t ask me which one, there were so many), it is legal as long as a two hour warning is given. They issued the warning, no Dems showed up and the rest is, as they say, history.

    I did hear, however, that the Dems spent so much time in Illinois that they have established residency.

  5. Montana says:

    Why doesn’t this Peter T. King investigate the “Home Grown” radicalization of Irish Americans, who support the tradition wing of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), or Noraid (The Irish Northern Aid Committee), and being recruited by “Enemy Overseas” or worse “Enemy Overseas” the “Catholic Church ”, where their priests have rape our young American boys, what about that you hypocrite scumbag.


  6. […] Ezra Klein’s “Just Wondering” If What Scott Walker Did Was Legal So, Ezra really has no idea if anything was done illegally, but, he has no problem with casting aspersions. I’m “just wondering” if Ezra has ever done heroin an had sexual relations dead bodies. Just wondering. […]

  7. gitarcarver says:

    Dear Montana,

    First, please return to your chair and take your meds.

    There. Think of a nice quiet place. Think of a bright sandy beach on a sunny day with waves gently coming ashore.

    Now, to answer some of your questions….

    Do you have any evidence that the IRA, or NORAID are continuing to call for attacks on Americans here or abroad? Do you have any evidence that the IRA of NORAID wishes to do any economic harm to the US?

    Do you think the same can be said about radical Islam?

    That is what King is holding hearings for. He is not investigating Islam itself, he is holding hearings on those radical Muslims who wish to harm the US and its citizens. He is holding hearings on how to engage the Muslim community to help fight radical Islam – the type of Islam that gives moderate Muslims a bad name.

    If you watched the hearings or heard them while you were in the rubber room, you would have known that Muslims testified that radical Islamists are a threat to the moderate Muslim’s way of life and that the moderate Muslim community must do more to help fight back against those who wish to subvert their beliefs.

    But you didn’t watch that, did you? What you did was cut and past your comment on several blogs because you, like radical Islamists, hate the United States and hate anything that may expose you for the moron and idiot you are. You would rather sit back and listen to what people tell you rather than having the brains to search it out for yourself.

    How do we know this? The House held a hearing several years ago on child predators and one of the things that was discussed was priests in the Catholic Church.

    Not only did you not raise your voice against those hearings, you tried to convince the world through your ignorance that the hearings never happened.

    Lastly, please take a course on grammar and punctuation. We can all understand a typo, but your post is illustrative of what happens when ignorance in many areas meets the internet.

  8. manbearpig says:

    I want to know where this guy got his journalist credentials, and the moron city attorney for Milwaukee for that matter.

    It took about five minutes to look up the actual statute and I found that while it would have violated the open meetings law for a regular session, the Wisconsin legislature was in special session. The rules for special sessions state that NO NOTICE is required to hold committee meetings for special sessions, so Fitzgerald and the Republicans actually did Peter Barca a favor by giving him a two hour notice.

    You would think that an attorney would have had at least the same resources as I have, so spouting off about the legality of it is nothing more than trying to fan the flames.

    I wonder if this means that I can work for the Washington Post now?

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