Tim Pawlenty Has Some Questions To Answer About His Globull Warming Support

Now that Tim Pawlenty has announced that he has formed a presidential exploratory committee, it is time to start looking at his conservative credentials. Overall, he would appear to be a great candidate. But, there is one problem I see

A video created by a Democratic state legislator in Minnesota captures Tim Pawlenty, the former Republican governor and a 2012 presidential candidate, repeatedly calling for a cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide emissions to fight climate change. The video was aired during a hearing on a Republican bill to lift restrictions on coal-fired power plants. Mr. Pawlenty now describes his past support for cap-and-trade as “stupid.” [MinnPost]

Here’s what T-Paw had to say

“As to cap and trade, almost everybody who’s run has got the same problem,” Pawlenty said last month during the Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Washington. “If you look under the hood, you’ll see that I, like everybody else potentially running, looked at it, flirted with it and then decided it was a bad idea.”

“So have I changed by position? Yes,” Pawlenty said at CPAC. “But I’m not going to be cute about it, hem and haw, be dippy and dancy about it. Just saying yeah, it was a mistake, it was stupid. It was wrong.”

I’ll give him points for honesty in saying he was wrong, but, is this something he truly believes? Or, is it just something he is saying to placate the Conservative base? He has some questions to answer

  1. Have you truly changed your position on cap and trade, along with the climate change hoax?
  2. Will you state specifically that you will forswear from pushing cap and change legislation and/or signing cap and tax legislation?
  3. What is your position on anthropogenic global warming?

Feel free to chime in with some questions of your own.

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10 Responses to “Tim Pawlenty Has Some Questions To Answer About His Globull Warming Support”

  1. Doomed says:

    I have a question.

    Why in the hell would you want to be president? What makes you think anyone wants to hear what you have to say?

  2. I haven’t dug into it deeper than this post – but my pessimistic Hamiltonian take on the gullibility of the people, the complexity of the globull warming science, and the sophistication of the coordinated globull warming fraud – all lead me to giving T-Paw the benefit of the doubt for being truthful with his current recantation.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  3. Trish says:

    Good quesiton doomed, why would ANYone want this job? It is a thankless one at best. There is almost always half a country who hate you, and in the case of a conservative Republican nearly ALL of the press will hate you.
    Still, I am praying for a leader from the conservative ranks to come forth, because we are truly DOOMED if we don’t get our house in order soon.

  4. Doomed says:

    Heh…it is actually a serious question. I ask it all the time when people want to come work for me.

    Why in the hell do you want a job with my company and what makes you think I would even want to work with you.

    For that matter….what makes you think you would actually want to work with me?

    In the end its not how they answer thats important to me….its how they respond to the question.


    I want to see if they are suck ups or honest people.

    Then we can do business.

  5. Trish says:

    So was TPaw FOR global warming legislation, before he was against it? I can accept that if he is serious about going forward with common sense about the environment abd energy; not knee jerk economy killing “feelings” based laws that would cripple our Nation!

    Doomed- you must have quite a business, and it must be staffed with really good, or really nervous people!

  6. captainfish says:

    1) What is your stance on the role of Fed Government in the US COnstitution?

    2) What is your stance on the role of our current tax system?

    3) What is your stance on the current financial stability we find ourselves in?

    4) Do you believe that the government has a defined duty to provide everything for people?

    5) What is your stance on illegal immigrants crossing in to this nation?

    6) What is your stance on illegals getting Federal welfare and Social Security?

    7) What is your stance on the role of NEA, Dept of Ed, EPA, Dept of Energy? Should they be dispanded?

    8) What is your view of the power that unions have in our current political and legal system?

  7. david7134 says:

    I could see if he fell for the global warming junk. But when you are for cap and trade, come on. He would need to explain how a tax would solve the pseudoscience of global warming.

    The other issue would be to ask him if he could fit his concept of the federal government into one single building with a staff of maybe 1000. That is who I want.

  8. Doomed says:

    Answers to the above questions.
    1. The RUN YOUR LIVES>
    2.to RUIN your LIVES>
    3. it sucks.
    4. Yes…the government is the be all end all.
    5. The more the merrier. Come get you sum.
    6. See 5.
    7. No they should be quadrupled in size.

    Oh wait…I was answering as a progressive not as a rational human being.

  9. captainfish says:

    hehehe … David, I like that idea. Feds should be there as an observer, not as the heavy hand of the Communist’s hammer. And, yeah, there is a big leap in making changes to limit CO2 production, carbon scrubbers, healthier effluents….. to an Enron scheme of Cap-n-Tax that trades non-existent things. An idea that has shown time and time again, that only those who set up the scheme make money.

    Doomed… hehehe. no doubt indeed.

    (daing, did eye realy mispel disbanded?)

  10. Rob in Katy says:

    That is a pretty big STUPID there TeePaw! If the rest of us fly-over’s could spot this pile of crap, I would certainly want a POTUS candidate to be able to recognize it for crap right off and not have to go back later to figure out that it is a sticking scam! Too dumb/gullible/or think we are to be POTUS.

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