Today’s “Does Globull Warming Cause Earthquakes?” Silliness

Over the cold and snowy winter, something we had been told was a thing of the past, we were treated to a raft of stories saying “this is what globull warming looks like!” Now, the Warmists seem to be pushing the meme that all the earthquake activity is caused by the climate change hoax, with The Montreal Gazette being the latest to join the moron brigade

Severe earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and now Japan have experts around the world asking whether the world’s tectonic plates are becoming more active — and what could be causing it.

Some scientists theorize that the sudden melting of glaciers due to man-made climate change is lightening the load on the Earth’s surface, allowing its mantle to rebound upwards and causing plates to become unstuck.

Except, there are a few problems with that meme: the subduction zone that caused the Japanese earthquake is not even remotely close to a melting glacier, and, is in fact, covered by tons of water. The one in Chile isn’t close, either. As for Haiti, the Caribbean Plate wasn’t even covered by glaciers during the last glacial period. Same with the Indonesian meg-thrust quake.

These scientists point to the historical increase in volcanic and earthquake activity that occurred about 12,000 years ago when the glaciers that covered most of Canada in an ice sheet several kilometres thick suddenly melted.

The result was that most of Canada’s crust lifted — and is still rising.

Wait, Man was driving SUVs back then? Say, why aren’t we having massive earthquakes and volcanoes in Canada, and why is there a sparse record of earthquakes in that area?

Scientists have discovered that the accelerated melting of the Greenland ice sheet over the last 10 years already is lifting the southeastern part of that island several millimetres every year.

Yet, we aren’t having massive earthquakes in Greenland. We aren’t having them in most places where glaciers are retreating. You’d think they would be constant and huge in places like the Himalayas, where the Indian plate is diving under the Asian plate…..what’s that? What they are proposing is that melting glaciers thousands of miles away are causing the earthquakes? Hmm. Why, yes, the climate morons are insane.

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4 Responses to “Today’s “Does Globull Warming Cause Earthquakes?” Silliness”

  1. mojo says:

    The modern mantra seems to be “Say something, even if it’s moronic.”

    Never mind that plate boundary responsible for the Honshu quake lifted several square miles of ocean and shook it like a dog.

    A mere trifle.

  2. david7134 says:

    I guess we can use CO2 and melting ice to explain the breakup of Pangea. This climate think is really making “science” look bad in the public eye.

  3. Jake_G says:

    I don’t know, but the more I think about it, I do believe global warming does cause an increase in the stupid factor of the left.

  4. captainfish says:

    We do have proof that man’s SUV caused the death of trillions of species. Halfway through our killing, we killed the dinosaurs!!!

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