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Huntsman: Border Fence Repulses Him

Huntsman’s working hard to pick up that GOP nomination As ThinkProgress has reported, former Republican Utah Gov. Jon Hunstman has strong progressive streak that he may prefer people forget as he considers pursuing the GOP presidential nomination. On immigration, for example, Huntsman has supported a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants and something akin to […]

Say, What Does The Palestinian Authority Think Of The 1967 Lines?

Unfortunately, iPhone won’t let me copy and paste the relevant paragraph from the Jerusalem Post, so, just hit the link and scroll down to the one starting with “Abu” to see the PA idea on the ’67 borders. Good job, Obama, starting more sh*t with your grandiose speech, sh*t you won’t take responsibility for, nor […]

If All You See…

…is an evil barbecue poisoning the atmosphere while cooking evil meat, you might just be a Warmist

Der Fuhrer, Sorry, PBO, Creates New Communication Position

Let’s jump in the wayback machine, and wonder “hey, I wonder how the left, the media, the ACLU, etc., would act if Bush had pulled this stunt” (FishbowlNY) – The White House has named Jesse Lee to a new position within its communications department titled Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. According to The […]

Here We Go: “Climate Change (Hoax)” Causing The Tornadoes

Bill McKibben, founder of the global climate campaign 350.org, is given a platform over at The Washington Post for this drivel: A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never! If you can’t use the precise terminology, anthropogenic global warming, then you’re completely disingenuous to start with. Caution: It is vitally important not to make […]

What Say To The Palestinian Perspective?

Why, yes, The Politico is bringing us the Palestinian perspective on you not understanding that he really wasn’t talking about going back to 1967 border lines, just using them for the discussion about land swaps based on the 1967 lines. Because there’s a huge difference, mostly having to do with how Obama is going to […]

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