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New Warmist/Enviroweenie Word: Anthropocene

Some Friday silliness Humanity’s profound impact on this planet is hard to deny, but is it big enough to merit its own geological epoch? This is the question facing geoscientists gathered in London this week to debate the validity and definition of the ‘Anthropocene’, a proposed new epoch characterized by human effects on the geological […]

If All You See…

…is a lovely Gaia friendly bicycle, you might just be a Warmist

Do The Climate Change (Hoax) Rap

It has come to this Fed up with reporters pretending to be scientists, scientists are now pretending to be rappers. Or rather, scientists are attempting to communicate their message on a level that average, rap-loving people will understand. The question is — should everyone just stick to their job, or is it time for a […]

Mitch Daniels: Time To Move On?

One can usually rely on The Politico being good little lefties and finding ways to slam Republican candidates, but, they actually make a good point with this story: Mitch Daniels, the reluctant candidate It’s becoming a recurring pattern: the more supporters of Mitch Daniels attempt to pump him up, the less he appears to want […]

RoP Watch: Irish Muslim Arrested Over Obama Threat, Taliban Retaliates For Osama Death

Interesting that MSNBC actually uses the “M” word when it is NMP Obama being threatened. They were probably hoping this guy donated to the TEA Party or something An Irish Muslim convert was arrested in Dublin Thursday over his reported death threats against President Barack Obama, police said. Khalid Kelly, a 44-year-old dubbed “Taliban Terry” […]

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