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Why, Yes, John Huntsman Is a Disciple Of Gore

Perhaps he and Newt could make their own climate alarmist video. He had this wonderful quote in Time, in response to the question on whether he believes in the climate change (hoax) “I’m not a meteorologist. All I know is 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. If 90 percent of the […]

If All You See…

… are evil industrial raised cows pollution the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, you might be a Warmist

President Thin Skin Blocks Boston Herald Reporter

Let’s suppose, for a change, that President Bush had done this: most of the MSM would be all over the issue, calling Bush a fascist and accusing him of destroying the Constitution The White House Press Office has refused to give the Boston Herald full access to President Obama’s Boston fund-raiser today, in e-mails objecting […]

LOL! NY Times Editorial Board Thinks Obama Can Actually “Do Something” On Mid-East Peace

You’ll have to forgive the “LOL!”: I thought it was a bit more realistic than the overused “Oh, Snap!” Though, perhaps I should have used the more precise “ROTFLMAO”. Or, a simple “DERP”, as you will have competing facial expressions reading this tripe from the NY Times: President Obama and the Arab Spring It should […]

Democrats Accuse Oil Refiners Of Possibly Sorta Maybe Potentially Price Fixing

There’s politics, then there are fishing expeditions accusing private citizens and companies of wrong-doing with zero proof to score political points Senate Democrats are requesting an FTC investigation into “potential price fixing” of gasoline by petroleum refiners. The Democrats — including Majority Leader Harry Reid — wrote in a letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz […]

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