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Shocker! Tracking “Climate Change (Hoax)” Money Proves Difficult

Like the issue itself, the money given away seems to be difficult to pin down into real solutions In the 2009 Copenhagen climate accord, 21 developed nations and the European Union agreed to provide $30 billion over three years to help poorer nations adapt to climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. But nearly […]

If All You See…

…is evil beer releasing pollutant CO2 into the atmosphere, you might be a Warmist

How’d Obama’s Little Middle East Speech Go Over In Syria?

I hate to do back to back posts on El Presidente, however, he started it with his soaring, grandiose opus of a thousand different ideals, which was meant to tell the Muslim World and Middle East how to act. How’s that working out? Defying a stern warning from President Obama, Syrian forces opened fire on […]

Recent College Grads Have Lost That Hopey Changey Feeling

They seem a bit upset that The One hasn’t given them all unicorns and free electric Masaratis Recent college grads sour on Obama, surveys say A very large proportion of recent university graduates have soured on President Barack Obama, and many will vote GOP or stay at home in the 2012 election, according to two […]

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